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Ann in Croydon has a Special Offer for December and January:


How much effort and energy have you put into trying to lose weight?  How much have you spent on the shakes and other diet products? If you could have a guarantee that you would notice a change in eating habits quickly would you be interested? Summer is here and you want to be active, energetic and feel good about yourself at this busy time of the year.


For the months of December and January, I am offering a 6 session weight loss programme with a guarantee. The results are cost effective and quick and it changes your mindset around what and how you eat.


If you get no results or changes after 2 sessions or if you feel that the sessions are not right for you, I will refund your money. That’s right, if you do not wish to continue, you can get your money back and not continue with the remaining sessions. If you do get results or changes you would continue on to complete the full 6 sessions to reward yourself with the mindset change which will stay with you and produce some amazing changes without the need to consciously do anything, it will happen effortlessly and automatically.


The guarantee offer is only for those sessions booked for December and January. Can you afford to not reward yourself with a gift for Christmas and to look and feel good for summer? First session is 90 minutes and any afterwards are approx 60 minutes, each costing $130, payable on the day, in 2 lots, $260 for 2 sessions, then $520 for the remaining 4 sessions which includes 2 audios, to change the way you think and feel about food.





Hypnotic Tracks Available For Purchase;


Deep Relaxation - a hypnotic audio file designed to give you a relaxed, deep sleep


Pain Control - a hypnotic audio file to distract the mind away from the pain


Weight Loss Audio File - to use to assist reduction in food intake.


Each of these are available to purchase for $20 by email



Why wait to become healthy and fit?


Give yourself the gift of developing healthy eating habits, so that you can look and feel your best, and most healthy you.



Contact us to book an appointment, and enjoy the new you.

Can I Claim on My Health Fund?

Every fund is different, however there are rebates available, so ask your fund and our practitioner


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