Other Services

Smoking Cessation

The majority of people will give up smoking after just one session, very occasionally a second session is required, however, this most effective program has been proven 90 – 95 % successful for those clients who want to give up.


Anxiety and Stress Management

Hypnotherapy offers relief, tools, and the skills required to overcome stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.


Fertility, Childbirth, and the Post Partum Period

Hypnosis offers a very effective method to remove fears, and anxieties related to fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. Experience a calm, peaceful, pregnancy, and birth. Allowing for a calm Mum, Dad, and Baby.


Other Habit Issues

Gambling, Nail Biting, Teeth Grinding, Hair Pulling, Self Sabotage, Addictive Behaviour



For Study, Life Style Changes, Sport, and for Goal Achievement. What is your important goal ?


Study, Concentration and Memory Skills

Use hypnosis to improve and hone these skills. Live and work to your full potential.


Pain Management

Use hypnosis to regain control over chronic pain issues, learn hypnotic techniques that will enable you to feel comfortable, relaxed, and able to live your life to the full.


Serious Illness and IBS

Use relaxation techniques, visualization skills, and hypnosis to improve your immune system, and feelings of well being. This enables you to take control of your life, and your health and well being, by using and enhancing the mind - body connection through hypnosis.


Generative Hypnosis

Writers Block? Don't feel those creative juices flowing as they once did? Do you want or need to improve your creativity in any way? Need an edge to your chosen sport? Use hypnosis to give you the boost you deserve, and live to your full potential.





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