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Virtual Lap Banding in Sydney NSW

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Your Hypnotic Weight Loss Program


Reduce weight


Avoid the surgery


No more dieting


Stop cravings


Eliminate comfort eating









Change Your Mind,

Change Your Life -

Take Back Control of YOUR Weight TODAY with Gastric Lap Band Hypnotherapy!


Have you ...

§  struggled with finding a safe, effective and affordable weight-loss treatment?

§  tried countless diets which resulted in temporary or no weight loss?

§  considered gastric lap band surgery as another weight loss option as it seems like the perfect solution for you, but it is simply too expensive or you fear surgery?  


My name is Ann and I am passionate about helping you achieve your weight loss goal safely, economically and effectively - welcome to my Virtual Gastric Lap Band Hypnotherapy service.


What Is Virtual Gastric Lap Band Hypnotherapy?


Virtual Gastric Lap Band Hypnotherapy is a non-surgical and non-diet hypnosis weight-loss technique which uses the power of hypnosis to retrain you to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food.


Hypnosis therapy for weight loss changes how you think about food and gives very safe, very predictable results.


The clinical hypnotherapy convinces the brain that the stomach is full after a certain level of intake, and that there is no need for more food.


The hypnotic Virtual Gastric Lap Banding Program takes a practical approach to food through:

§  Portion control

§  Only eating when hungry

§  Allowing for small, portioned treats (if desired)


My 6-session Virtual Gastric Lap Banding Program, incorporating hypnotherapy provides a simple and easy approach, to achieve, and maintain, a healthy weight, and healthy lifestyle. The Hypnotic Band utilizes the power of the mind, to enable the body, to regain the size and shape that you want for yourself, in the long term and allows weight loss to occur naturally.


The program also addresses any negative habits which have been a hindrance in achieving your goal. A real bonus on other weight loss programs.


A little bit about me


I developed the Virtual Gastric Lap Band procedure with my hypnotherapy colleague, Kathleen Loy and the technical assistance of Joanne Silva BsN who very generously donated her expertise of the lap band procedure which she has worked with in operating theatre over many years.


I am a Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner having received evidenced-based training with the internationally renowned UK-based hypnotherapist Sheila Granger. 
I have incorporated this invaluable training into my own unique, and effective
hypnosis weight loss 6 session program.


I work in all areas of hypnosis – check out my Other Services.
I am happy to discuss your personal needs prior to booking your first appointment in order to maximise your response to hypnosis.

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Do you find you:

§  think about food all of the time which gets in the way of enjoying life?

§  are constantly dieting?

§  are depriving yourself of the treats you love?  


Then you have come to the right place. 


Virtual Gastric Lap Band Therapy means:


√ Weight loss through hypnotherapy

No surgery

No more dieting

  No more cravings

No more comfort eating


What Does the Virtual Gastric Lap Banding Program Involve?


So that you achieve optimal weight loss results, I highly recommend that you:

§  have 6 hypnotherapy sessions over a 10 - 12 week period.

§  listen to the Deep Relaxation and Healthy Eating audio complimentary resources, I will provide you, to reinforce the new messages that will bring about permanent change in your eating and exercise habits.

§  follow some simple guidelines


How Much Does the Virtual Gastric Lap Band Program Cost?


§  Consultations are $135 per session for 1 hour (arranged on a session by session basis).


Can I Claim Through Medicare Or My Private Health Fund?


Clinical Hypnotherapy is not covered under Medicare, however several Private Health Funds do refund a portion of your costs, depending on your level of cover. Because each fund offers different levels of cover & vary in the yearly limits available to their members, we suggest that you contact your fund for more information.


N.B. I am a registered providers with those funds which do provide rebates.


How Long is Each Session?


§  Session 1 – 1.5 hours (with complimentary first ½ hour)

§  Sessions 2-6 – 1 hour each session


Please note that If needed the sessions can run slightly over the allocated time. 


What Will Each Weight Loss Hypnosis Session Involve?


The 6 session program which includes a free Deep Relaxation audio and a Healthy Eating audio, also addresses any negative habits which have been a hindrance in achieving your goal. A real bonus on other weight loss programs.


Each session consists of a follow up chat, what has been happening between sessions and positive hypnotherapy intervention which includes addressing unwanted behaviours.


Does the Virtual Gastric Lap Banding Program work?


My hypnotic Gastric Virtual Lap Banding Program encourages a balanced, practical approach to eating, focusing on small portions of delicious and nourishing foods. 


By eating only when hungry and allowing small treats, this program helps you to think less about food and enjoy life more. Using the power of hypnotherapy, this program guides you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight naturally. 


This six-session program offers a non-surgical technique that uses weight-loss hypnosis to help you feel satisfied with smaller amounts of food, providing a long-term solution without the deprivation of traditional diets.


 This program has proven successful for the vast majority of clients. Discover how this proven method, effective for over 90% of participants in UK trials, can work for you.


Do you have further questions?  Head to my FAQ page or feel free to contact me here.


What do you have to lose...except your weight!


If you have any questions or wish to book an appointment, give me a ring or text me on 0417 471 407.