Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I come for hypnotherapy?

Most people come because they have already tried dieting, buying special meals, fasting, low calorie drinks or even having bariatric or gastric banding surgery and they are still struggling to stop over eating. 

What do I need to do before I come?

There is nothing to do before you come except to have the desire and the enthusiasm to loose weight. Hypnotherapy only works if your mind set can change and you are willing to let go of some old habits and develop new habits. 


Where can I do this?

You can either come and we can have our sessions face to face or we can do these session online with Zoom, so you can live anywhere and get the same positive results.

What if I can't listen to the Audio Files?

The audio files are an integral part of the program and are as much a requirement as coming to the sessions. It is part of your commitment to change the way you do things and so you MUST make the time – after all this is what you want for yourself.


When can I Expect Changes to Happen ?

Most clients experience immediate changes in the way they think about the food they are eating.


How Will I feel at The End of Each Session ?

Positive reinforcement always happen at the end of each session and you will leave with greater feelings of confidence and self esteem, knowing this will work easily for you and enable you to make the right choices.


What Happens if I have other concerns ?

Ann is skilled at working with a range of concerns, and so , feel free to introduce those if you feel they could be a problem for you to achieving your goals. It is not unusual for other issues to be affecting health and lifestyle problems. Every session is confidential.


What about possible Complications?

A virtual Lap Band hypnotherapy has no side effects as it is a totally Hypnotic process and no physical intervention takes place. A Virtual Lap Band is completely safe.


If you have any further question, do not hesitate to give me a call or text on 0417 471 407 and I will be more than happy talk to you.