Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Lap Banding®?

Virtual Lap Banding® is a new and innovative weight loss program, incorporating tried and successful hypnotherapy techniques for weight loss and it also includes the unique Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy program of the UK specialist Sheila Granger. Her successful trials of groups for weight loss has allowed her to travel the world training practitioners to achieve similar results.


The hypnotherapy suggestions enables the subconscious mind to change the way it has been programmed to respond to thoughts about the eating regime you currently have in place.


The Virtual Lap Banding® program convinces the mind that a lap band has been inserted over the top of the stomach and therefore the amount of food eaten is reduced as feelings of fullness happens quickly, so less food is consumed. Along with a walk through an imaginary lap band surgery, suggestion for healthy eating, eating small portions, eliminating the need and want for excessive eating of sweet food and fatty food, increasing exercise and drinking water, all these suggestions, hypnotically given and accepted enabling you to achieve the success you want to become slimmer and trimmer.

  • If you are overweight and wanting to lose weight, why can’t you?
  • What stops you from losing weight?
  • What programming do you want to change?
  • What are you telling yourself that stops you from being who you want to be?

All of these questions and the solutions will be resolved once and for all and you will be able to achieve the the weight loss you have always wanted.


Who is Virtual Lap Banding®?

The Virtual Lap Banding® team consists of 2 highly trained and experienced clinical and medical hypnotherapists who have incorporated the training from Shiela Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band program with their own successful and unique weight loss hypnotherapy program.


With International and Australian recognition this team works in the Inner West and the South West of Sydney. They both specialise in weight loss using the Virtual Lap Banding® but they are also experienced in dealing with a variety of other concerns.


This team shares similar training and expertise and are both competent in their ability to assist you to achieve your goals.


How does the program work?

The technique utilises the power off the mind convincing it that a lap band has been inserted over the end of your stomach. The procedure incorporates the power of hypnosis to assist you in permanent weight loss change. This results in re-training your relationship with food such as eating less, making healthier food choices, exercising and consuming more water, and it all comes naturally from suggestions given to the subconscious mind. THERE IS NO DIETING INVOLVED.

This procedure is a natural process whereby the subconscious mind naturally and effortlessly makes healthier choices. You will be satisfied on much smaller amounts of food consequently losing weight steadily and safely.


What does the program Involve?

  • Commit to 6 hypnotherapy sessions over a 10 - 12 week period
  • Commit to listening to the support audio's to reinforce the new messages that will bring about permanent change in your eating and exercise habits.
  • Commit to following some simple guidelines.

One-one sessions enable the practitioner to take a detailed history about your eating habits.


Consultations are $135 per session.



What if I can’t listen to the Audio Files?

The audio files are an integral part of the program and are as much a requirement as coming to the sessions. It is part of your commitment to change the way you do things and so you MUST make the time – after all this is what you want for yourself.


Is Virtual Lap Banding Expensive ?

Virtual Lap Banding compares very favourably with most well known weight loss, diet, and exercise programs. It is more cost efficient than surgery and has a greater long term results.

 The 6 session program which includes a Deep Relaxation audio and a Healthy Eating audio, the program also addresses any negative habits which have been a hindrance in achieving your goal. A real bonus on other weight loss programs.


How Long Are the Sessions ?

You will need to set aside an hour and a half for the first and an hour for subsequent sessions.


Why Should Virtual Lap Banding Work for Me ?

The program specially targets negative habits around eating and exercise and retrains your mind to accept and enjoy new healthy eating patterns and exercise regimes. This program has proven successful for the vast majority of clients.


When can I Expect Changes to Happen ?

Most clients experience immediate changes in the way they think about the food they are eating.


What do I need to do before I come ?

It is recommended that you are able to supply any latest cholesterol and blood sugar results, as well as knowing your last blood pressure reading, these can assist with getting a more detailed clinical history, if they are known.


Otherwise, come along with an open mind, hypnotherapy change can only happen when you want the changes to occur.


How Will I feel at The End of Each Session ?

Positive reinforcement always happen at the end of each session and you will leave with greater feelings of confidence and self esteem, knowing this will work easily for you and enable you to make the right choices.


Where Can I do this ?

There is a qualified Virtual Lap Banding Practitioner in both the Inner West and in the Deloraine Tasmania. Both are trained clinical and medical hypnotherapists who have over 20 years experience between them and specialise in Virtual Lap Banding. They are supportive and sympathetic and will endeavour to address every concern.


What Happens if I have other concerns ?

Each practitioner is skilled at working with a range of concerns, and so , feel free to introduce those if you feel they could be a problem for you to achieving your goals. It is not unusual for other issues to be affecting health and lifestyle problems. Every session is confidential.


What about possible Complications?

A virtual Lap Band has no side effects as it is a totally Hypnotic process and no physical intervention takes place. A Virtual Lap Band is completely safe.