How does Anxiety Affect Us

Anxiety can reduce our life style because it becomes easier to withdraw for the activities that make us anxious. This can be reflected in a created fear which stops us from doing that thing that the fear is about. This fear then builds up and the longer it is there, the deeper the fear becomes until that activity is no longer attempted and this fear can relate to ANYTHING. When it becomes noticeable, then that fear has developed over a time period possibly building up over years It can often then be reflected in physical symptoms that then tell you that there is something to be concerned about, It can start with loss of sleep, heart palpitations, sweaty hands, shaking, headaches or migraines or in emotional behaviour, getting angry quickly, emotional overeating, drinking excessively etc.  All of this can be resolved, so please do something about it before it gets so bad that it becomes debilitating.













Eating disorders in older people are growing at a faster rate than in any other Australian demographic.

Dispelling the myth that eating disorders are reserved for the young, the Butterfly Foundation

reports  that life changing events like divorce, infertility and even menopause can all play a part in triggering disordered eating later in life.


“People can suppress their habits and present like everything is just fine for decades” Dr. June Alexander, an eating disorders researcher said. “Older people may feel embarrassed to admit they have a problem. But there are usually signs. They may be counting calories and working out how to exercise it off later.”


Those suffering long in life may have had an eating disorder in the past and then relapse during a touch time, she said. Others may not have the illness in early life but ageing can weigh heavily on body image.


There is always an underlying reason or some negative thinking behind a behaviour that is disturbing or destructive. Resolving that underlying reason or negative thinking helps to put everything back into perspective again and life can return to a more balanced state. Hypnotherapy is able to help resolve those underlying issues and give back peace of mind.









Get your body ready for the summer. Can you visualise how you would like to look and feel? Do you have the motivation and determination to make that look, happen?  Hypnotherapy can help with changing the mindset around weight reduction. What are the reasons you are over eating?  Is it because of the virus and the initial lock down we experienced? Is it anxiety, boredom or lack of motivation? is it that you just can’t stop eating for whatever reason?


There is always an underlying reason why this is happening and hypnotherapy can identify that underlying reason. Different to counselling where you talk about what’s happening, hypnotherapy goes to the basic cause whether you know what it is or not at a conscious level because it can access that subconscious part of your mind that talks to you and gives you either positive encouragement or negative talk.


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